Waste Management For The Retail Sector

Within any retail environment, our approach is built around flexibility, your current operational headaches and of course behavioural change.  We know that your brand reputation is crucial and critical as consumers are aware and expectations are high.  Positive social, economic and environmental actions do and will have a huge impact and so it’s imperative that these elements are focussed and strengthened on at a strategic level to drive the closed-loop philosophy.

With the huge disruption to the retail environment particularly during 2020, we would like to show that we are here to work with businesses, small and large, to try and find cost-savings.  It is paramount, now more than ever, that UK businesses support each other and where any saving can be made we help to make that happen.

Talk to us and we will do our utmost to support in every aspect we possibly can.

Due to our flexible approach, we assess the space restrictions you may have, centre management values, waste segregation capabilities and volume fluctuations.  We will work with you to deliver a tailored solution which is driven through the key recycling incentives of Reduce, Re-Use or Recycle.

After working with both small and large outlets we fully understand that everyone’s needs are entirely individual and there are many factors to consider and prioritise.

Why The Waste Connect

Helping to meet rising customer expectations

More savvy consumers expect retailers to cut waste and packaging while improving their green product offerings. This is putting more and more pressure on our retail customers. We help them to strike the right balance between saving energy, managing waste and providing a positive shopping experience.

Whether you’re a small convenience store in a rural village or a larger outfit in a shopping centre, you will still need to effectively and economically manage your retail waste.

We work with all retail companies, no matter how big or small, to help them better manage their retail waste with the use of our specialist waste collection and recycling services.

A Partnership Approach

The perfect partner

We understand the pressures experienced by our retail customers. Finding ways to save money while meeting ever more ambitious carbon reduction goals, as well as wider environmental targets, is more important than ever. We work in partnership with retailers to co-create innovative solutions that generate significant cost savings.

Need Some Help?

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