Waste Management For The Hospitality Sector

We have significant expertise and experience in the hospitality industry and we understand that it can be demanding, tiring, pressured and fast-paced.  Staff may change regularly, will work long hours and different shifts, demand fluctuates, there are restrictions on space and forecasting is difficult.  We have listened to you and all your intricacies and we know how and where to help.

In this arena more than others, we know that your waste and recycling needs to just be managed and needs to happen, behind the scenes, with the knowledge and trust that you won’t need to add it to your list of daily or weekly management tasks!

We will help you to think more strategically and long-term to reduce the daily operational stresses that poor service can cause.  We know that you need a consistent yet flexible approach, which marries your values and objectives and can be adaptive to change and challenge.

You need an effective, reliable, tailored solution that is sustainable and dependable. Experience the Difference with The Waste Connect.

Why The Waste Connect

The expediential growth in the hospitality sector over recent years has brought with it a need to facilitate more efficient waste management procedures and greater recycling. This has created further interest in environmental management and sustainability. Now there is a much greater emphasis on sustainable solutions and environmental awareness throughout the sector.

Hotels, pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, kitchens, cafes, service stations, etc can benefit from the increased efficiency and savings that a forward thinking and well-developed waste management strategy can bring.

The benefits of a well-structured and consistent waste management programme includes:

  • An improved business image and brand
  • Reduced carbon emissions – less transporting waste
  • Improved relations with stakeholders
  • Reduced risks and liabilities
  • Health and safety benefits.

Our network of key partners is ideally suited to counter the issues faced by this sector and makes it possible to offer the dedicated services that are required in the hotel and leisure, food & drink industry. By using hospitality waste management specialists, we are able to focus on providing collections of cardboard, food, glass and plastic from locations that would normally be unable to benefit from such recycling services.

A Partnership Approach

Staff education and engagement is fast becoming one of the biggest challenges faced by employers with particular regard to waste segregation, which is where cost savings and compliance can be lost or won. Having us as your waste partner brings the dual benefits of having a partner who understands these challenges and can help you with a solution.

We understand that staff may change regularly, work long hours, and during particularly busy times have many items on their “to do” list so it is imperative that any segregation and recycling is easy to understand, clear and available.  We can provide signage (with pictures) in different languages to support you in training and developing your teams.

Contact us to discuss your requirements as with our approach we are all about the entire solution, whatever that may be.

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