Waste Management For The Health, Fitness & Leisure Sector

We have significant expertise and experience in the leisure industry and we understand that it can be demanding, tiring, pressured and fast-paced. Staff may change regularly, will often work long hours and different shifts, demand fluctuates, expectations can be high and forecasting is difficult. We have listened to you and all your intricacies and we know how and where to help.  In a world of 24/7 access, the importance on the reliable waste collection is more paramount than ever before.

We will help you to think more strategically and long-term to reduce the daily operational stresses that poor service can cause. We know that you need a consistent yet flexible approach, which marries your values and objectives and can be adaptive to change and challenge.

You need an effective, reliable, tailored solution that is sustainable and dependable. Experience the Difference with The Waste Connect.

In the leisure industry, we know that your waste and recycling needs to just be managed and needs to happen, behind the scenes, with the knowledge and trust that you won’t need to add it to your list of daily or weekly management tasks!

Why The Waste Connect

Leisure centres demand significant amounts of energy and generate large volumes of waste – and often many different waste streams.  With more emphasis than ever on reducing waste, the right solution for your facility is of paramount importance.  We understand that you also have to offer a solution for every user and therefore we will work with you to ensure you understand that every aspect is covered.

We can help with general waste and recycling, sanitary and clinical, food waste, glass and recyclables, nappies and hygiene – if you offer a solution to any of your users of the centres, we can ensure you have an outlet for the disposal, that is not only what you need today but for all your tomorrow’s.

A Partnership Approach

Preventing avoidable food waste remains a top priority for companies under pressure to improve margins while reducing their environmental footprint.

Our leisure sector customers are always keen to ensure diversion from landfill and the development of bespoke onsite waste improvement programmes to boost the bottom line are always a focus area. The areas where we will work with you to ensure you are within budget will help you to find cost-effective, long-term solutions to reduce your environmental footprint.

We also understand that brand reputation is critical. Consumers continue to become more discerning, and positive social and environmental actions can have a huge impact. With health and fitness being a fundamental part of so many people’s lives and with the government backing to reduce obesity, your reputation must be consistent in all areas of your service offering and we will understand your requirements right from the start.

Need Some Help?

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