Waste Management For The Food Sector

In 2018, an initiative was launched by the Government to tackle and reduce the amount of food waste.

Currently around 43,000 tonnes of surplus food is redistributed from retailers and food manufacturers every year. It is estimated a further 100,000 tonnes of food – equating to 250 million meals a year – is edible and readily available but goes uneaten. Instead, this food is currently sent away for generating energy from waste, anaerobic digestion, or animal feed.

We can offer a food waste solution for your business however our focus is to work with you to reduce your food waste entirely.

Why The Waste Connect

We provide commercial food waste disposal services to businesses, including restaurants, hotels, bakeries, butchers, supermarkets and delicatessens. To help you meet your sustainability targets, we collect your food waste and convert it into renewable energy at an anaerobic digestion facility.

Our focus is firstly though on working with you to understand your requirement, come up with innovative solutions and ideas to try and reduce your food waste and then ensure that we deliver a reliable, efficient service to you.

A Partnership Approach

During the lockdown of 2020, food waste at home became a priority for thousands of households who hadn’t necessarily considered it before and the positive outcome and effect this will have in the commercial environment will be an opportunity.

We are here to work with your business to reduce your costs – ensuring that where possible the food waste that you produce is reduced significantly, meaning that you’re able to manage the budgets at the front end and you can focus on delivering exceptional service to your customers.

Throughout any arena, we are determined to work with all our clients to ensure that they focus on their specialty and allow us to work on ours.  Together, that’s a great partnership.

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