Waste Management For The Manufacturing Sector

The Waste Connect have used their years in the industry to work with clients and realise that this area is specialist and will continue to evolve.  As recycling has increased there has been a drive to offer solutions for difficult to process products and waste streams.  The emphasis is therefore to be able to offer your business a solution and outlet that allows your products to either be recycled or disposed as zero to landfill.

With our network of partners, we will already have or will find a solution for your products and as your business evolves, we will evolve with you – as the industry continues to develop, where new outlets become available we will be able to come to you with innovative ideas.

Through our network, forums, discussions and events, our determined approach is to ensure we have an outlet and a proposal to suit each and every requirement and customer need.

Why The Waste Connect

If you’re a UK manufacturer then we have a waste solution for you.

Whether your business needs to dispose of hazardous chemicals or industrial coolants, remove metal swarf, or recycle waste packaging, The Waste Connect can offer a waste management service covering all aspects of manufacturing.

The UK manufacturing sector has demonstrated its resilience and ability to adapt throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. So much so in fact that a remarkable 9/10 manufacturing businesses continued to operate in some capacity despite the obvious challenges they faced.   As the country works towards a new normal, and production levels continue to increase, we are committed to supporting the recovery of the manufacturing sector and helping to once again position it at the forefront of the UK economy.

One way we can do this is by helping to optimise your waste and recycling services during these challenging times. In doing so we can realise significant commercial benefits whilst also helping to ensure a secure workplace.

A Partnership Approach

How can we help  you as your waste partner:

  • Control costs
  • Health & Safety
  • Free waste & recycling review
  • Full Audit of current processes
  • Discuss the long-term benefits whilst considering short term issues
  • Analyse all the waste streams and ask Why?

We really want to work with you to ensure that everything you can do to help your business get back to the “new normal” is done with us by your side supporting, enabling and working with you in partnership.

Need Some Help?

If you have a project that you need some help with please get in contact

Call: 0333 050 7556