Waste Management For The Education Sector

Education – where everything starts and the possibilities are endless… The Waste Connect is able to utilise its extensive experience to create bespoke solutions to match the unique requirements for the Education environment. From single waste stream solutions, to consultative led integrated resource management, we can support your needs and help you achieve your budgetary and environmental targets.

We can do this through managing container utilisation, consider how to reduce your waste and of course look at your recycling efficiencies at the same time.

We place your needs at the heart of the solution, with a service offering that solves your challenges, supports your objectives and helps to teach you about sustainable, closed-loop, re-use and recycling solutions, creating value at every stage of the process.

Why The Waste Connect

It is important to educate children on the environmental impact of waste and what can be done to help reduce it. By adopting a well organised, clear waste management plan, your school, college or university can achieve higher recycling rates, divert waste from landfill and educate your students all at the same time.

We understand that budgets may be tight and opting for a simple one container solution may seem easy, but by choosing a green route and segregating your waste for recycling, we guarantee that you will save even more. With the 2011 Waste Regulation (England and Wales) now in place it is the responsibility of all businesses to follow the waste hierarchy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover and Disposal). From a waste management point of view, recycling is best practice.

The Waste Connect can provide service solutions to suit all different types of educational facilities, for example: A University with a chemistry lab will produce a lot more hazardous waste than a primary school. Overall, educational facilities can produce several different waste streams and therefore a total waste management plan would be very beneficial to increasing recycling rates and reducing costs within any educational organisation.

A Partnership Approach

We help our customers find ways to run more resilient, robust and sustainable buildings and operations at a wide range of facilities that support learning, teaching and assessment – from schools and academies to colleges and universities.

Due to cuts in government spending, one of the biggest challenges that the sector faces is budget constraints. Our innovative, efficient waste management solutions continue to reduce overheads and operating costs.

We partner with our education customers to deliver sustainable ways to maximise the value of their waste, increasing recycling and diverting more waste from landfill.

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